Sunday, August 29, 2010

And just as the office got warm...

The office I work in is very eclectic, cool, out of the ordinary... it's a top floor loft in the center of Melbourne, surrounded by cute cobble stone paved lanes, and graffiti-ed brick walls. From our windows we have watched as films and commercials (Melbourne is a 'little Hollywood' down under... lots of films are filmed here - apparently Robert De Niro was here filming not too long ago) have been shot below, and we have also watched in amazement as drug addicts shoot up a fix in a doorway. All in all, it's a wonderful and dreadful place... one could say it's a Yin /Yang type of environment to work in.

The same can be said of the inside of the office. The light which comes through the large windows is inviting and bright, yet the same large windows are where the majority of the warmth escapes during winter. We have been in full blown winter mode for what seems like forever (the past 5 months), and have become quite accustomed to wearing coats and scarves indoors all of the time, in order to keep even moderately warm. Blue fingernails, and runny noses are the "new trend" among the office staff.

I have found the positive in this situation though: I think it's easier to get dressed in the morning because of this. I have adopted a new look... the 'winter uniform.' There is no major planning for this style... a pair of pants, a long sleeved shirt and then on top of it a big warm coat and scarf. Actually, the scarf has been the 'creative' part of the ensemble and its saving grace. I change it according to my mood and makeup choice for the day.

One day I will opt to wear a leopard print scarf, another day a lovely red, orange and pink silk number looking like something I may have picked up while trekking in the Himalayas. Ahh, the options are limitless, as I have an abundance of scarves which my aunts have given me throughout the years. I never got rid of them, as I felt guilty in doing so, they stayed folded up in one of my drawers, ever the source of an argument between my hubby and I, as he always thought them to be useless. I mean... he has a point... "if you don't use it, lose it", but I'm now using it.

Today, I was ill prepared with my layers of clothing. I don't know what possessed me, but I wore a rather sheer black cotton blouse, which really should be worn in Spring or Summer, under my coat and a light purple plaid scarf with a fringe all around its perimeter... a birthday gift from my aunt in Canada. I thought I'd surely freeze my buns off. Much to my surprise, I walked into a warmer office. It seems that the boss, had several new heaters installed over the weekend. Yippiii!!!! It's only taken five months, and several colds later. But hey! My immune system is stronger because of it, I'm sure of it. One's got to look at the positives in life.

Just as the office has become a nice warm environment to work in, a co-worker reminded me that around the corner is the warm weather waiting to hit our tin roofed office, with the large windows. Oh yes, I remember THAT hell, from last summer. Hot beyond belief, and because we kept the back door of the office open to keep a constant draft going, we were 'blessed' with the stale smell of urine coming from the bathroom next door. Maybe this year, we'll find a solution for that little pesky smell.

Life is truly a Yin and Yang, isn't it? I will concentrate on the good... "we got heat, we got heat, we got heat". I'll worry about the "OMG it's hot, OMG it's hot" later. Make the best of it, now.

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