Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gold Class at last

I thought I knew comfort. I thought I had experienced the nicer things in life. Well... it seems I have so much more to learn and live, as today was the first time I watched a movie in Gold Class.

Australians watch movies just like Americans. They have the same type of cinemas as are often found throughout the 50 US states... same popcorn and sodas too. There are a few things which are different though:

1. Specific seats are assigned to you when you purchase the tickets. If you decide to ignore the seat which you have been allotted, chances are that you're going to be asked to move by the person who is supposed to sit there. It's happened to me... by accident. I didn't know about the rule.

2. At the refreshments counter, you will not be given a carrying tray for your popcorn, sodas and candy. If you happened to come along with a little army of kids to watch the recent kids' flick, you've got to leave them alone in the cinema while you go back and forth from lobby to cinema, until you have transported all refreshments successfully.

3. If you drop your popcorn or soda on the floor, they will not issue you a new one... just 'cause they're nice. You are out of luck and will have to purchase another one, no matter whose fault it is.

There is one type of cinema which we do not have in the US... this is the crème de la crème movie theater. This is the Mecca of all picture shows! This is GOLD CLASS.

We received five Gold Class movie tickets as a Christmas gift back in December, and we've been saving them for a "special movie"... which seemed to never come along. Until that is... the latest and final installment of the Harry Potter odyssey was announced to be released this July.

Oh the joy... oh the anticipation, for both the movie as well as the experience of watching in the comfy arm chairs in Gold Class.

We were instructed to arrive at least 30 minutes before the film was to commence, so to enjoy some refreshments in the waiting area. We did as we were told.

A handsome young man greeted us at the door, requesting to see our tickets. We were then lead to the lounge area where our orders taken for refreshments and food which was to be consumed in the cinema. The menus were abundant with choices... but leave it to my husband to pick the one thing they were all out of... a Bloody Mary. Then, he asked for a Grey Goose Martini... they were out of Grey Goose too. *SIGH* Alas, all was well with the world when a suitable substitution was found for him... Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey. Yes! They had that and so much more at this place. When's the last time you went to a cinema and sipped on anything but a Coke or Sprite?

Finally a lovely young woman approached us with a smile and told us that she had been assigned to escort us to our seats. That she did. We were like children in a candy store... well... the girls and I were... my husband is too cool to exude any sort of public glee. We played with the seats... pushing them way back to an almost horizontal position (God I wish I had a seat like it in an airplane), lifting the compartment where you are to store your personal belongings, etc. There are 24 seats in total... it's like you're at someone's personal screening room.

Finally our food was brought to us about a quarter of the way into the movie. Linen napkins and real silverware instead of sporks. And my eldest daughter discovered the call button on side of her armchair, to beckon the attendant/waiter for additional refreshments.

At the end, we paid for our bill, and left extremely satisfied with the entire experience. I wish I could watch all my movies in this lap of luxury. The kids certainly do... that's for sure.

Oh... Harry Potter: Deathly Hollows II did not disappoint, I'm glad we saved our Gold Class tickets for it. Now, if anyone wishes to gift us with move Gold Class tickets... there are a couple of birthdays coming up in October which you can plan for.

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