Friday, February 3, 2012

Two months later

My family and I leaped over the Pacific Ocean to the US this last November, and just came back two nights ago.

It has been wonderful to re-connect with family (some whom were not in great health unfortunately - get better) and experience the great tourist sites of New York, Washington D.C., Florida and California... a true adventure for both kids and adults, but now we are home. Did I say 'home'? Yup, Australia feels like home now. I'm reminded of the Marvin Gay song 'Where ever I lay my hat (I call home)' also made popular in the 80s by Paul Young.

This experience has made me realise that we could live anywhere in the world, and that we travel so great together. Not one whine, not one complaint... OK maybe one, but... we were all on one page, and truly enjoyed our time together, and all the while working remotely on Australia time, making it for some extremely long days, and odd weekends (Thursday in US = Friday in AU, and Sunday in US = Monday in AU).

So...lesson learned? Go more often and stay shorter time. Do not pack even half...NO, not even one quarter the suitcases we packed this time around (do I never learn?). Be honest when declaring contents in luggage, as you will probably (fingers crossed) not be taken aside and checked out for "illegal" foods/animals/wood/etc...and, ask politely of the traveling rugby team players, to help with the heavy bags, and most likely they'll do it...they did for me. God bless the NZ Chiefs! Such good guys.

It's great to travel, and wonderful to come home again.

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